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Feather and Earth

Dynamic Store Front

From big to small, show it all. Anytime. Anywhere. Always.


Fashion Keeper USA

Fashion Retail

Twilight Stargazer


Feather and Earth

Small Store Front

My process 

The Interview

Once you decide to contact me about your project, I’ll set up a time with you to talk about the project. If we both agree to continue on, we’ll head on to planning.

The Plan

We’ll talk about the details of the project and I’ll do research on how to get the ideas into the build. There are different approaches to accomplish the project and figure out the best between quality, effort, and cost.

The Build

During the build, I’ll be working on your project and give you timely updates on what I’ve accomplished for the day.

The Review

This is the part where we’ll review the build together. If there are any changes, I’ll rework them and we’ll come back to review. Otherwise, I’ll hand over the project for you to publish!

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